Lime Mousse Recipe


This Lime mousse recipe is one of my favorite desserts, and today I´m going to show you how to prepare one! I love how you can try the sweet taste of the table cream and the acid taste of the lime, and when they are mixed up its an amazing experience!!
I have this mousse recipe for a few years, and the author is the well known Portuguese Chef José Avillez. My family loves it and, for me, the best thing about it is that, you won´t need to be an expert in the kitchen, to do it. It´s very simple and easy to do!
It´s a guaranteed success, so I suggest you to share it with your friends and family in this special season. Hope you enjoy it!

Lime Mousse

4 pax (30 minutes)

  • 1 table cream
  • Zest of 2 limes
  • 150 ml of lime juice
  • 1 natural yogurt or greek yogurt
  • 300 ml of fresh whipped cream
  • Basil leaf
In a bowl, put the table cream with the zest lime and the natural yogurt. Mix well. Wrap the Lime juice and the chopped basil leaf into the mixture of table cream and yogurt.
Beat the 300 ml whipped cream until stiff and wrap into the mixture. In a serving bowl or small serving glasses, pour the mousse and add some zest lime. Refrigerate at least for 45 minutes. You can garnish with fresh berries on top.

Mousse de Lima

4 pessoas (30 minutos)

  • 1 lata de leite condensado
  • Raspa de 2 limas
  • 150 ml de sumo de lima
  • 1 iogurte natural ou grego
  • 300 ml de natas batidas
  • Manjericão
Deite o leite condensado numa taça, junte a raspa de lima e o iogurte natural e envolva bem.
Envolva o sumo de lima e a folha de manjericão triturada na mistura de leite condensado e iogurte.
Bata as natas firmes e envolva na mistura anterior. Coloque a mousse numa taça ou em taças individuais, acrescente umas raspas de lima e leve ao frigorífico durante 30 a 45 minutos. Sirva a mousse bem fresca. Pode decorar com framboesas, se quiser!

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  1. I´ve tried to do it already and it is delicious and sooooo easy to do! I love simple and easy recipes that we can do even during the week! 🔝🔝


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