Sintra - World Heritage Unesco #Day 1


Good morning!! We decided to spend last Saturday morning walking around Sintra, and where better to start than the beautiful old village and taking some pictures in the National Palace of Sintra with the two giant conical chimneys, which have been recently restored (2013) to how they were in 1910.

We decided to eat breakfast there, so we crossed the street and went to "Piriquita", a famous and very typical bakery located on the small side street of "Rua das Padarias". That´s were the popular "Travesseiros de Sintra" are manufactured and they are served still warm!

If you plan to visit Lisbon, I recommend you to go to Sintra, the town is only a twenty-five minute drive from the Capital. Sintra offers a unique combination of historic heritage and natural landscapes, and it received the first Cultural Landscape classified by UNESCO in 1995.
Here, you can see amazing views and enchanted palaces. It looks like you´re entering a fairy tale.

When I shot this look, I was wearing a white dress (I really love winter whites!), with my oldie belt (I really don´t remember since when I have it). Dressing it down with a little black biker jacket, matching it with my zara black thigh-high boots, I´m ready to go for a walk, are you?

"Everything in Sintra is divine, there is no corner that is not a poem"
Eça de Queirós, Os Maias, 1888

"Two domed chimneys, dominated the whole building"
Hans Christian Anderson, A Visit to Portugal, 1866

"The palace is the great monument that grows in the town centre and accentuates its character"
Vítor Serrão, Art Historian

jacket: pepejeans | dress: pepejeans | boots: zara | bag: louis vuitton | sunglasses: valentino | watch: chaumet

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