Keep it simple


Good morning!!

Today's post is about one of the outfits from my last trip to Amsterdam. We were going out to dinner and I decided to wear this SheIn dress, my black biker jacket and these black suede pumps from L.K. Bennett. And that´s it, simple and easy!! Hope you like it;)


4 Quotes That Will Inspire You


Who doesn´t love a good motivational quote?
Keep your eye on the prize, focus on yourself, and just do it!

My favorite flowers

Good morning everyone;)

In today's post, I'll be sharing memories from our second day in Amsterdam. We dedicated that day visiting the city, the flower market, the canals, Van Gogh Museum, and we tried the Heineken Experience (although I'm not a big fan of beer, I loved the experience;)

Majestic Café at Dam's Square


Happy Monday!! Hope you had an amazing weekend ;)

Today, I decided to share with you some pictures we took in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. The city is very beautiful, I loved it.
The photos were taken in Dam Square, the best-known Amsterdam's square, a handy central location were we can see the Royal Palace, often the focus of events of national importance. The Dam is the city's beating heart.

How is your skin condition?


Happy Friday!!

On my recent trip to Amsterdam, I saw the launch of this magic cream!! Charlotte Tilbury magic cream was launched in The Bijenkorf in the beginning of this month. I only started using it a week ago and love the texture, it´s so light yet so effective! You only need a little and it´s not greasy!

Colour your Steps

Happy Tuesday!

Red is a color I don´t often wear, but I love it like no other, it´s energizing, bright, beautiful... When I use red, I prefer the accessories, so I love all the red details, for example shoes (as seen in this post) or a bag. They won´t get out of fashion!

Cropped Flares... don´t be afraid


There’s a new way to style pants and shoes this season, and it requires little to no effort (hooray)! Seen on models, editors and It girls at Fashion Weeks, the cropped flare over calf-high boots, sandals, pumps or sneakers is a refreshing alternative to tucking skinny jeans into thigh-high boots! I think there's a world of different ideas to style them:) Turns out cropped flares can be super flattering, no matter your height!

Baby Rose, Baby!

Pink is always a good color, whether or not with accessories (as seen in this post). But also in a dress, coat, top or pants. It goes well with all the other colors, I think. Even with red, if well mixed, it is a different approach.
In this look, we were walking near the beach and, as on the other 300 days of the year in the Algarve, the sky was clear and the sun was shining!

Say goodbye to chapped lips

Hi everyone!!

Nothing irritates me more than dry lips, dry hands or dry feet, due to it being exposed to cold winters, air pollution or even the harshness of the water. So, I just had to figure out a way of keeping the dryness out of the way. This is what I did:

The more you Know...

Happy Monday!!

Lace up flats are great especially in the spring when it´s getting a little too warm. They´re not only beyond comfortable, but also a great spring addition to your shoe collection if you don´t have a pair already. This season, you will find many options as a great accessory to any casual outfit!

Spring is just ahead!

Happy Friday everyone!!

I know today it´s raining here in Lisbon and the weekend doesn´t seem to be better;)
But... Spring is just ahead!! Although in Lisbon we don´t experience drastic changes in seasons, flowers start to bloom and trees start to fill up with leaves again.

Blue Sky


Good morning!
I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Mine has been very relaxed, with my family!! So, I'm starting this new week with my batteries fully charged ;)

Calling Spring... How to overcome fear?

Good morning!! I hope you´re all having a lovely week!
Welcome March!!

The biggest thing I believe stops people from chasing what they want most out of life is the lack of confidence. That´s what fear means along with comfort and security. I think self-confidence is something we may strive with growing up and something we never really learned to overcome. Sad to say, but it´s a requisite to pursue your dreams and to truly be yourself. Of course we all know that everyone has fears and doubts, but with a bit of confidence, you can get there!
To overcome fear and being more self-confident we must work on every single day. Here I will write down a few things I keep remembering myself everyday (the truth is that I often forget, so having them written is a better way for helping me! Hope it helps you too!):

Floral Print Dress

Good morning everyone!

In today's post, I´d like to share an easy look to put together;) I love dresses, and I wear them a lot except during Winter:( but today it was an exception! I'm very shivery, so I´m lucky to live in Lisbon, where we have almost 300 days of sunshine per year!!

Strawberry Cheesecake - My son is the Chef!!

Good morning! It´s almost weekend, happy Friday!!
Today, I decided to share with you something I´m really proud of. It is a recipe, but it was made by my son, do you believe it? True, he did it, I just took the pictures;)
The first time he did a cheesecake, he was with my mom and I couldn´t believe it!! Then, I asked him to do it again so I could take some photos and post it on

It´s more easy to do than it looks, I guarantee!!

The coat plus denim look

Apologies for my two weeks of silence, but I´ve been down with a flu. And, to be honest, I´ve been feeling some blogging blues. Luckily, they don´t last forever and I'm back! I need to stay close to the principle "Don´t let anybody discourage you", and carry it through every aspect of my life. Unless something I'm doing is hurting someone than I´m not going to stop something that makes me happy!

Getting back to our post of the day, I would like to share with you a very casual look, wearing an oversized coat!
Ok, Winter we still have to deal with you! And with coats! And the coat plus denim look is simple and quick! Perfect for a cold Monday morning when all you really wanted to do was to stay at home with a warm cup of whatever.

Sneakers Obsession

A Rose Quartz kind of day. What's your Friday colour?

I have this thing with sneakers, it's not that I don't like heels... they are definitely more elegant!! However, what matters the most to me is the comfort. As I´m always running from one place to another, driving my kids everywhere (I often feel like a taxi driver!), sneakers are on top of my choices!

Little Black Dress

Good morning!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I´ve been reading and writing a little bit ;) Trying to write content in my blog. Thanks again for reading:)
Recently, I read that when you write down a goal or an ambition, you´re way more likely to stick to it.

Under one roof - Time Out Lisbon Mercado da Ribeira

Welcome to the Time Out Lisboa "Mercado da Ribeira"!! The best of Lisbon, under one roof!

How was your weekend? Mine was great, on Saturday we went to "Mercado da Ribeira" to have lunch! Winter it's here after all, and I found it perfect to wear my new Zadig & Voltaire acquisition. It´s like a "Buy one, get two" coat ;) It´s a very warm parka on the inside, and then it has another one on top of it. I can wear both or, separately, each one. Wonderful, isn´t it? And, the best part is that I bought it with 40% off! I think it´s already sold out online, but you can find it in their street shops.

Brocoli Frittata

It´s almost weekend. Thank god it´s Friday!!

Today, I'll be showing you how to prepare a broccoli frittata! To be honest, the recipe it´s completely new, it was the first time I´ve tried to make it. And, I think everyone liked it. Even the kids! Off course, they would have preferred to change the dried tomato for ham or bacon!

Vinotherapie Spa by Caudalie


Vinotherapie SPA by Caudalie is located in the L'AND Vineyards resort, Alentejo. This was the first time I booked a treatment on a Spa, for almost one hour of Wellness.

Silver shinning Sneakers - NYE trip Madrid #Day2

Winter has kept us waiting, but it seems like it´s here after all. One of the advantages is that we can finally start wearing warm coats, without getting the feeling that you´ve dressed way to warm!

My resolutions for 2016 - NYE in Madrid #Day1

Welcome 2016!!

It´s the first Monday of the year and I'm back! Planning all the resolutions I want to accomplish during the coming months - have you already thought of yours?
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