Floral Print Dress

Good morning everyone!

In today's post, I´d like to share an easy look to put together;) I love dresses, and I wear them a lot except during Winter:( but today it was an exception! I'm very shivery, so I´m lucky to live in Lisbon, where we have almost 300 days of sunshine per year!!

Strawberry Cheesecake - My son is the Chef!!

Good morning! It´s almost weekend, happy Friday!!
Today, I decided to share with you something I´m really proud of. It is a recipe, but it was made by my son, do you believe it? True, he did it, I just took the pictures;)
The first time he did a cheesecake, he was with my mom and I couldn´t believe it!! Then, I asked him to do it again so I could take some photos and post it on www.silverliningbym.com

It´s more easy to do than it looks, I guarantee!!

The coat plus denim look

Apologies for my two weeks of silence, but I´ve been down with a flu. And, to be honest, I´ve been feeling some blogging blues. Luckily, they don´t last forever and I'm back! I need to stay close to the principle "Don´t let anybody discourage you", and carry it through every aspect of my life. Unless something I'm doing is hurting someone than I´m not going to stop something that makes me happy!

Getting back to our post of the day, I would like to share with you a very casual look, wearing an oversized coat!
Ok, Winter we still have to deal with you! And with coats! And the coat plus denim look is simple and quick! Perfect for a cold Monday morning when all you really wanted to do was to stay at home with a warm cup of whatever.

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