Say goodbye to chapped lips

Hi everyone!!

Nothing irritates me more than dry lips, dry hands or dry feet, due to it being exposed to cold winters, air pollution or even the harshness of the water. So, I just had to figure out a way of keeping the dryness out of the way. This is what I did:

The more you Know...

Happy Monday!!

Lace up flats are great especially in the spring when it´s getting a little too warm. They´re not only beyond comfortable, but also a great spring addition to your shoe collection if you don´t have a pair already. This season, you will find many options as a great accessory to any casual outfit!

Spring is just ahead!

Happy Friday everyone!!

I know today it´s raining here in Lisbon and the weekend doesn´t seem to be better;)
But... Spring is just ahead!! Although in Lisbon we don´t experience drastic changes in seasons, flowers start to bloom and trees start to fill up with leaves again.

Blue Sky


Good morning!
I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Mine has been very relaxed, with my family!! So, I'm starting this new week with my batteries fully charged ;)

Calling Spring... How to overcome fear?

Good morning!! I hope you´re all having a lovely week!
Welcome March!!

The biggest thing I believe stops people from chasing what they want most out of life is the lack of confidence. That´s what fear means along with comfort and security. I think self-confidence is something we may strive with growing up and something we never really learned to overcome. Sad to say, but it´s a requisite to pursue your dreams and to truly be yourself. Of course we all know that everyone has fears and doubts, but with a bit of confidence, you can get there!
To overcome fear and being more self-confident we must work on every single day. Here I will write down a few things I keep remembering myself everyday (the truth is that I often forget, so having them written is a better way for helping me! Hope it helps you too!):

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