How is your skin condition?


Happy Friday!!

On my recent trip to Amsterdam, I saw the launch of this magic cream!! Charlotte Tilbury magic cream was launched in The Bijenkorf in the beginning of this month. I only started using it a week ago and love the texture, it´s so light yet so effective! You only need a little and it´s not greasy!

Colour your Steps

Happy Tuesday!

Red is a color I don´t often wear, but I love it like no other, it´s energizing, bright, beautiful... When I use red, I prefer the accessories, so I love all the red details, for example shoes (as seen in this post) or a bag. They won´t get out of fashion!

Cropped Flares... don´t be afraid


There’s a new way to style pants and shoes this season, and it requires little to no effort (hooray)! Seen on models, editors and It girls at Fashion Weeks, the cropped flare over calf-high boots, sandals, pumps or sneakers is a refreshing alternative to tucking skinny jeans into thigh-high boots! I think there's a world of different ideas to style them:) Turns out cropped flares can be super flattering, no matter your height!

Baby Rose, Baby!

Pink is always a good color, whether or not with accessories (as seen in this post). But also in a dress, coat, top or pants. It goes well with all the other colors, I think. Even with red, if well mixed, it is a different approach.
In this look, we were walking near the beach and, as on the other 300 days of the year in the Algarve, the sky was clear and the sun was shining!
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