Hello, I´m Marta. Thanks for visiting my blog. I´m a portuguese marketeer and I love my family, my friends and all the beautiful things in life! With a background in marketing at Microsoft, I have a degree in marketing and a post graduation in e-marketing. After I became a mother, I embraced a project in the Golf fashion, representing some international Golf brands for Portugal. At that time, I created my own Golf brand.

Recently, the idea of creating this blog emerged from its potential of joining three of my professional skills: digital marketing, technologies and my passion for fashion. I specially love personal style blogs, which give me a true feeling about the person. I believe that style inspiration is found everywhere in all that we do.
The history behind the brand name "Silver Lining by Marta" is very simple. I wanted something creative and different, but at the same time dynamic, so we did a brainstorming, myself, my husband and our kids, and that´s when my daughter Inês came up with the name "Mom, why don´t you name it Silver Lining?" she put her finger on it! It is a metaphor for optimism and we all have heard at least once "Every cloud has a silver lining" or "Look at the bright side of things".

What matters the most to me is still that what you see is real, that it is me. And it is. This is the only way I can stay true to myself, and bring you true inspiration every day.
photo by vhs.studio
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